The film is an open letter to my daughter. The film RubySuze explores what it means to be a strong black woman. I hope to encourage her daughter to look past all the achievements associated with strong black women and to instead reach for vulnerability.


Being a woman is hard enough. Being a black woman is another thing entirely. For the longest time, the rhetoric of being a strong black woman has rung in the heart and minds of black women everywhere. We see it on our screens, we hear it in music; our clothes and style are shaped to represent our the curvature of our strength. It frightens some. It inspires some. But for me, and I think many others, it has been a stark contrast to what I had experienced.


My infertility issues and mental health struggles had no place in the strong black woman stereotype. I suddenly so far from the person I had been told I was to become. Along my journey to rebuild myself, I realised that strength does not only come from the trophies but also the scars. This film is a placeholder - holding space to discuss not only our accomplishments as black women but the magnitude of sharing our pain, showing our battle scars, discussing the uncomfortable. It is an open letter to my daughter showing her what strength looks like.