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I Can Cre8te

Virtual Art Classes

Welcome to I Can Cre8te! by Ruby Suze


A safe space for your family to step into their true creative selves. Whether you're a creative junkie like me or you're not even sure that you have a creative bone within you, this is your safe space to discover and enrich your creativity. 

I'm delighted to say that I am now offering iCanDraw Virtual Art Classes. I'm passionate about creating things with my little ones and hope that I can encourage your family to get creating too.


The classes are an hour long and include all digital resources (where applicable) downloads for. There will also be the opportunity to create keepsakes for which resources will be sent directly to you, at a cost of £20.

If you'd like to book a space for an Art Class, send an email to: susan@rubysuzecreates.com or call 07969 353 522.