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Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

You will go down in history as the best year of my life.

You taught me about the strength of my character. You took me to the darkest parts of my mind, where I faced depression and anxiety. I thought that it was over for me. I remember clearly crouched down in the kitchen wondering whether my mind had been lost forever.

But, 2016 - you had a different plan. I faced the demons I had run away from for a very long time, I wrestled them to the ground and stood like David with nothing but a slingshot of faith in my hand.

You awakened me.

I used to believe that Hollywood love was impossible, to be swept off your feet to a land where only you and your beloved existed. I thought it was unachievable, to love someone more than you did the first day you met them. This year, I fell head over heels in love with my hubby. Just like the movies. 2016 - you taught me differently. The honeymoon period (complete with tweeting birds around my head and clouds cushioning each step) was gifted to me in 2016.

You turned the world on it’s head - took power from those who took it for granted, allowed celebrities to see their own vulnerabilities and guided many celebrities to the grave.

You taught me that fear is the enemy, fear forces us to act contrary to our true nature. It can make us paralysed and immobile or act in panic.

You made me just a big braver, just a bit wiser, just a bit stronger. Just a bit more Ruby Suze.

2008 - you set me up as a wife.

2009 - you brought my vocation.

2012 - you bruised my fertility.

2013 and 2015 - you brought the pitter patter of tiny feet.

2016 - you brought the fearless me.

Dear 2016 - it’s been great.

Thank you.

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